PART TWO: Microsoft and Skyline Hack Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Technologies

A few months back DX team member Jason Young kicked off a series of hackfests with Skyline Technologies that were focused on helping manufacturers make better use of their data. As I spelled out in a related post earlier this year, manufacturers are swimming in data from a variety of sources throughout the plant, whether they be control systems, machinery on the manufacturing floor or external sources up and down the supply chain.

For all of the potential within this data, manufacturers are faced with a variety of challenges in consolidating this data into one stream, identifying which data sets are important and then giving the right people access and training so they can put all of it to use.

The manufacturing framework will be available on GitHub and is a direct result of the work that Jason, Kenny Young, Skyline’s director of cloud computing & development, and a group of Skyline developers who took part in the hackfests.  

I recently had a behind the scenes discussion with Jason and Kenny about the project, the hackfest process in general and their respective goals for this project. Once you’re done listening, go out to GitHub, get busy building and share your work with the community.  

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