Decoded Chats – Cyrille Fauvel on HoloLens in Architecture and Civil Engineering


Cyrille Fauvel (@fauvelcyrille) sports the title of Sr. Worldwide ADN Sparks Manager at Autodesk and works on all new, creative and innovative ideas including the Forge service.

At the Shift conference in Split, Croatia, Chris Heilmann took some time to ask Cyrille a few questions about what his department in Autodesk does with the HoloLens. The resulting interview is full of great information of what the device can do, where it could be improved and what barriers we still need to remove to make people “get” the interaction model.

If you prefer to have an audio version, you can download it here

Here are the questions we covered:

  1. (00:11) You just gave your talk about Hololens, can you explain what you are doing in Autodesk using this device?
  2. (01:34) How do developers use the Forge system you showed? Is it a subscription, or can you host it yourself?
  3. (02:09) So Forge allows you to convert a JSON database of a 3D model into a hologram?
  4. (02:50) This means you don’t only have the object itself, but also the hierarchy where it sits in a larger scheme. Does this allow you to navigate that?
  5. (03:31) Does this also allow you to load on demand and thus have a smoother experience rather than a huge waiting period upfront?
  6. (05:12) Are people embracing these offers? What is your initial feedback. When we talk about open source, Autodesk is not the first thing that comes to mind.
  7. (06:06) The HoloLens is still a developer preview, not a consumption device for the mass market. What is a thing you are missing on it? What can we improve?
  8. (07:54) Do you think there is a misconception as to what the HoloLens is? Feedback seems to think it is a peripheral rather than a self contained machine on your head.
  9. (08:24) Are people understanding the “gaze” as an interaction? Do you find that people consider the field of vision limited as they are not moving their head and body?
  10. (09:39) There seems to be a natural barrier of people to move with a computer on their head. Have we been conditioned to move our head in a virtual space but are afraid of bumping into things if we move the body?
  11. (10:11) I’ve seen estate agents use VR headsets to show people upcoming buildings. Do you see a future for HoloLens in that space or is the price tag too high?
  12. (12:24) I think the next step should be scanning with a HoloLens. Do you think it will be anytime soon I can look at an object and get a mesh?
  13. (13:01) Your project is open source. What kind of contributions would help you the most?

If you want to know more, here is the recording of Cyrille’s talk at Shift Conference showing how to walk around a building using HoloLens.

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